In Charleston, Beer Gets Its Own Neighborhood – The New York Times

“Here in “The Neck,” where seven breweries have opened within a short bike ride of each other in just the last three years, serendipity is celebrated, dogs and children are welcome, and you can come as you are.

We recently set out to survey all seven new breweries, most of the food options, and a few of the entertainments in Charleston’s Brewery District, and can report that time spent here is refreshing in every sense of the word.”

Matt and Ted Lee ventured through the swiftly evolving brewing scene of Charleston’s upper peninsula landscape, and even took the opportunity to visit the new skate park, Sk8 Charleston, which flanks the beer district area, “offering sweeping marsh and Ashley River views to those who aren’t dropping into the park’s two polished-concrete bowls.”

Read more about their journey through Charleston’s beer gardens and tap rooms here. 

Photo Credit: Hunter McRae, New York Times.


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